Below are some frequently asked questions about Restam:

— Will Restam fit with my dishes?The diameter of the Restam bowl is chosen to correspond with the most popular plate diameters in various establishments. Therefore, plates on Restam are securely held in place and do not fall off. Additionally, we can customize Restam according to your individual needs. Restam is a practical device that combines ergonomics, functionality, and space organization on the table. It has a premium appearance and solves the problems of efficient space organization and aesthetics in any establishment.

— Will Restam obstruct the view, cover items, or tip over?
The height, length, span, and curvature of each Restam are carefully calculated through experience. Restam does not obstruct the view, occupies minimal space on the table, and allows for several dishes to be placed underneath. Thanks to precise calculations and perfect balancing, Restam does not tip over under uneven loads.

— How to care for Restam with Color coating?
Restam is very easy to maintain. The Color coating of American origin is very durable, high-quality, and practical. It does not leave fingerprints, scratches, etc. The color range allows you to choose a Restam that will perfectly complement your interior. Each item will come to you in a branded fabric bag for convenient and gentle storage.

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