Restam - organizes table setting and solves the problem of cluttered dishes on the table professionally and aesthetically.

Restam - an original author's solution for the HoReCa industry that has no analogues. The production is established in Ukraine using proprietary technologies and American materials. Each Restam is the result of painstaking handwork by our craftsmen.

Restam - a premium-class product that is prestigious for any modern, innovative restaurant that cares about its guests and the aesthetics of serving.

Restam is a testament to the high level of culture in the establishment, emphasizing its status and high level of service.

Where did it all start?

Once, we were sitting in a luxurious restaurant at a wedding banquet, being served exquisite delicacies by a star chef. Everything was perfect. The fairytale ended when the waiter started building a third floor of appetizers and flipping food from plates onto guests in an attempt to fit yet another plate onto an overturned glass. We're sure you're all familiar with such a scene: salads within salads, messy hands, and stained tablecloths. We thought enough is enough, it's time to come up with something. Something that would make the restaurant's job easier and solve the problem of cluttered plates on the table in an aesthetic and professional manner. A year later, after a long journey of trials and errors, our first Restam appeared!

We have done it and we have something to be proud of! Our achievements since 2016

- Over 20 inventions. Our product range is regularly expanding, with new releases every month.
- We have obtained dozens of patents for our inventions.
- Our technology for coating stainless steel with special paints allows us to implement the most incredible ideas.
- Our engineers have developed a method to incorporate LED lighting into any Restam.
- We were recognized as the discovery of the year 2017 in the HoReCa industry in Europe.
- Our products are recognized and approved by restaurateurs from America, Europe, Israel, and of course, Ukraine.
- Restam is used by restaurateurs in every city in Ukraine, and every third establishment in our hometown of Vinnytsia has Restam.
- Hundreds of kilograms of metal, glass, and paint have been transformed into banquet stands, buffet stands, candy bars, and displays.

They trust us

We collaborate with the largest hotel chains and restaurants, and we are very proud of our celebrity clients who have entrusted us with the comfort of their guests. Among our clients are luxurious banquet halls, boutique hotels, country resorts, family restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, and pastry shops. Catering companies choose Restam for organizing beautiful outdoor receptions. Several embassies are also our clients, using Restam for serving receptions for ambassadors and diplomats. And our special pride lies in the fact that professional technical schools and culinary institutes, which prepare personnel for the HoReCa industry, purchase our company's products to train their students in working with new technologies and tools. They teach how to work with Restam. We have revolutionized the HoReCa industry, and the future of table service lies with Restam!

To purchase Restam products or receive consultation is very simple.

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