A good buffet is a buffet with Restam

A buffet! How much is contained in this word! A beloved and time-tested way to quickly and beautifully feed a large number of guests. Its feature is that guests are served a large number of small cold snacks. And then the question arises: how to arrange all the treats in a relatively small space. This problem is especially acute for outdoor catering. Catering companies often face the challenge of setting up a buffet on small tables or on a bar counter, where space is limited, and the snacks are small and need to be elegantly and conveniently presented to the guests.

We want to share our experience in solving this issue. In the photo example of setting up a buffet on a bar counter using buffet stands and Restam displays, we managed to arrange treats for 50 people in a few square meters, making it beautiful and unusual.

The party guests were thrilled, and for a week, we admired the selfies they took against the backdrop of the buffet and posted on their pages.

The interior of the venue where the party took place was done in dark tones, with a lot of metal and wood. We chose black Restams for this buffet. As you can see, #restam fit perfectly into the interior and complemented it, creating a cozy atmosphere of celebration without excessive pomp and clichés.

In general, a good buffet is a buffet with Restam.

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