Types of Restam coating

Restam serves not only a practical but also a decorative function and is an essential part of the interior of any establishment. Its appearance directly depends on the type of coating applied to it. The same model can look completely different.

We are constantly working on expanding the color range, which allows us to seamlessly integrate Restam into any interior, whether it’s a luxurious banquet hall, a nightclub, a cafe, a pizzeria, or outdoor catering.

At present, Restam TM has developed two types of coatings:

Silver — a classic polished surface.

Color — our know-how. A special durable dye is applied to the metal surface.

Silver coating.

The most versatile option. Its advantages:

— Fits into any interior.
— Perfectly complements tableware.
— Has a mirror-like shine.
— Reflects light.

Among the drawbacks, it is worth noting that Restam with a silver coating requires careful handling, meticulous care, careful storage, and regular polishing. Scratches and fingerprints may remain on it over time, causing it to lose its luster. However, this is fixable; our company offers re-polishing services, and your Restam will shine like new again!

To achieve a mirror shine and absolute smoothness, we use plasma or manual polishing technology. When processing stainless steel using these methods, the surface becomes smooth, shiny, and perfectly reflects light.

Color coating.

Our unique development. A special dye is applied to the stainless steel surface and polymerized at high temperature. Thanks to this technology, the surface acquires enamel properties, a velvety texture, and a wide color palette. With the color coating, products acquire unique properties. Unlike polished stainless steel, the surface is not susceptible to scratches, which are inevitable during use. It does not retain fingerprints and is easy to clean. Thanks to this unique coating, Restam will maintain its attractive appearance and serve you for many years, and we will help you choose a Restam that will perfectly complement your interior.

Available Color coating colors:

Snow — a snowy white velvety surface with fine sparkling particles. It has a cool tone, resembling the surface of freshly fallen snow shimmering in the sun. This coating is often chosen by banquet halls with subdued lighting and luxurious interiors.

Nite — a black velvety surface with fine sparkles, resembling a starry sky. It is often chosen by owners of nightclubs, karaoke bars, and restaurants with modern interiors.

White — a snowy white matte surface with a warm tone. An ideal choice for restaurants with classical interiors. It blends perfectly with white tablecloths and tableware, accentuating and enhancing the color of the dishes. It harmoniously complements interiors with light tones. A festive and solemn option.

Black — a black matte surface. Its structure resembles expensive leather with a slight matte sheen. It is perfectly suited for black or colored tableware. Harmonious in interiors with dark tones and elements of wood or wrought iron. A wonderful option for buffets, banquets, or everyday serving.

For long service life and a pristine appearance, each Restam is packaged in a branded bag, which protects the surface from scratches and dirt during storage and transportation.

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