A luxurious set consisting of a deep plate and a stand in the shape of curved branches.

The plate has a diameter of 32 cm. It is heavy, deep, and with thick walls. Suitable for serving oysters, chilling drinks, serving meat, fruits, desserts, and baked goods.

The price depends on the desired combination and consists of two parts.

Plate made of stainless steel. Available in the following variations:

  • Silver. Polished stainless steel with a smooth surface and mirror shine.
  • Satin. The surface is treated with a special method, textured and glossy. Resistant to scratches.
  • Color. A dye (4 color options) is applied to the outer side of the plate, while the inner part is polished.
  • Gold. A special coating is applied to the surface of the stainless steel, imitating gilding. The coating is durable and requires no special care.

Branch made of steel. Available in 4 color coatings (Color: matte black, matte white, night, snow) with blue/green patina.

Branch made of brass.